Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation

Mulch is simply not for looks, it helps preserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation. Thus reducing the need for watering. Mulch also helps reduce the germination and growth of pesky weeds. These benefits all come from spreading mulch throughout your landscape. Platinum Landscape Management offers multiple options to mulch your landscape and home. 

Our multiple options include:

  • Premium Hardwood Bark
  • Premium Cedar 
  • Red Enhanced Mulch
  • Gold Enhanced Mulch
  • Black Enhanced Mulch
  • Dark Brown Enhanced Mulch
  • Natural Mulch
  • Red Pine Bark
  • Economy Hardwood Mulch
  • Wood Chips/Playground Mulch

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Benefits of Mulch:

There are many benefits of applying mulch to your landscape. The major benefits are:

  • Reduces evaporation from soil surface, reducing water cost by 25-50%
  • Organic mulch promote soil microorganism activity
  • Prevent soil compaction 
  • Controls weeds and saves you time
  • Controls erosion
  • Gives you a finished look, improving your homes aesthetic quality