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Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow shoveling is a common theme among Michigan residents. Whether its a sidewalk, steps or maybe even a whole Ada driveway, there can be hidden dangers. Below are six tips for keeping safe this season. 

  1. Snow shoveling happens a lot at night since in Michigan winters have less than 12 hours of sunlight, which presents a danger if you are near traffic. Consider adding a small reflective strip to your shovel or snow blower to help you be seen in the dark. 
  2. Shoveling snow can take a toll on your body, snow can be wet and heavy. Try and keep up with snow by shoveling often. Using a shovel that is ergonomic is another good idea. Snow showers that are lake effect from Lake Michigan can be extremely heavy. Try using a pusher snow shovel that moves snow along the ground rather than lifting it. If you are looking for a snow pusher try one the many offered here
  3. Shoveling snow from your property is a workout, ensure your snow removal is injury free by keeping your muscles warm by stretching. Stretching can prevent muscle fatigue and injury free.
  4. Slipping on snow and ice is a common occurrence, which can lead to a fall like this. To prevent this from happening make sure you wear good winter shoes with traction.
  5. Making sure you layer your clothes to protect your self against the elements. Dressing in layers allows you to remove layers as you warm up from shoveling or pushing snow.
  6. The last and more important part of snow shoveling is to stay hydrated. Keeping hydrated ensures you will be able to shovel snow all winter long.

If you follow these tips you'll be able to keep shoveling this Michigan winter off your driveway and walkways. Maybe these tips sound like too much work, we would be happy to take care of all your snow plowing needs. Give us a call today at 616-881-9605 for a free estimate.