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Fall Clean Ups Are Coming!

It's that time of year again! Leaves are changing, nights are becoming cooler, and the days are shorter. All this means that fall clean ups are on the fore front of our minds. When fall clean ups are thought of, we think of blowing leaves off the lawn. There are two reasons to remove leaves off your lawn, the first being aesthetic. Lawns look much better when they are still green with no leaves covering it. The second more important reason behind removing leaves from your lawn with a fall clean up is leaves can kill the grass by choking out the grass as the leaves pile onto the grass. This leaves your lawn looking spotty with dead spots and no one wants to see a lawn full of holes, when the leaves are cleaned up. 

When cleaning up your lawn with a fall clean up, another good area to pay attention to is your landscape. Cleaning the leaves away from your landscape prevents mold from developing in the landscaping beds as well as discourages small animals from nesting near your home. Trimming your shrubs and trees in your lawn and landscaping is also important in the fall as it provides a great start to your landscape in the spring.