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Grass Seedheads

Grass seedheads are starting to sprout up over all over Ada, Michigan and are appearing in big numbers this week. This a perfectly common occurrence that happens every May across Michigan. The most common turf grasses found in lawns produce seedheads including Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and of course Poa annua or better known as annual bluegrass. The seedheads not only make the appearance of lawns look terrible but the seed stalks are tough to mow. One thing that we do at Platinum Landscape Management is have sharp blades to ensure we can mow these seed stalks. While it may seem better to cut your lawn lower, the seed heads can be at every height and cutting your lawn at a low height can damage the grass.

The turf may start to look stemy and lose density. This is completely natural for your lawn. The lawn will come back stronger once the seed head production is completed. Your grass is giving every bit of energy to producing seed heads, once this process is complete the grass will look great once again.