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How can you save money on lawn care?

With spring here and summer closing in on the West Michigan area, many people are turning a eye towards their Ada Yard. With great reason too, as the weather warms up it means family BBQ's on their patios, backyard games in their freshly mowed lawn and fun in the sun. The worry comes from the small fortune and time needed to make your lawn look it's best. There are three simple tips that you can follow to create a beautiful Ada lawn and enjoy your landscape. 

Grass Seeding:

The idea of grass seeding your lawn might seem pointless, especially when "perfectly fine grass" is already growing. While it may be "perfectly fine grass", there are a few reasons to reseed your yard. Think about how long ago the grass was planted. If it has been years, there is a possibility the species of grass may be weak due to disease and more dependent on watering. Not to mention, reseeding can put an end to those unsightly brown spots as well as those bald areas.

Watering and Fertilizing:

Deciding on the prime time to water your yard is more important than you may realize. For example, water during the day and most of the water simply evaporates off your lawn, while watering at night can lead to fungus, disease, and a sick lawn. Interesting enough, the best time to water your lawn is dawn, between four and eight am. Just as important is when to fertilize your lawn. Generally, feeding your lawn a slow release fertilizer about every five to six weeks is optimal for proper lawn growth.

Ideal Length:

Most people believe that mowing their lawn short means that they will have to mow less often and have a healthier lawn with fewer weeds. The truth, is the shorter you cut your lawn the more problems you will have with your lawn. Taller grass needs less water and tends to grow in thicker, effectively choking out weeds. The reasoning behind this is taller grass shields the roots, allowing for a longer root system and ensuring water soaks deeper into the ground. Ironically, cutting your lawn shorter doesn't mean you will mow your lawn less often. Grass will grow at the same pace no matter the length.