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Sod or Seed! Which is best for a new lawn?

Whether we are installing a brand new lawn or redoing a brown, patchy, and weed filled lawn. The decision must be made on installing sod or starting a lawn with grass seed. Both options have pro's and con's, we will cover both sides of this decision to help your decision making process. 

Installing Sod:

Pro's: Fast, Beautiful, Weed Free, Mud and Dust Control Immediately 

Con's: Expensive, Large Water Volume Needed, Sod May Shrink If Not Installed Correctly

Installing Grass Seed:

Pro's: Cost Effective, Larger Selection of Species 

Con's: Seasonal Installation Period, Reseeding Maybe Required Depending On Weather, Watering Is Critical 

While both options do have pro's and con's, we recommend both options depending on the property. Give us a call today at 616-881-9605 to let us help you make your important decisions on your lawn.