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The Environmental Benefits of Lawn Care

Having a beautiful lawn comes with many benefits. It's a point of pride for people... it frames your home and landscape. Besides being a point of pride, there are many environmental benefits to lawn care as well. You always hear about the negative impacts of having a lawn. "One hour of gas-powered lawn mowing produces as much pollution as four hours of driving a car," a National geographic article explains. We don't deny it, a perfect lawn isn't perfect for the environment. However, many of a lawn's negative effects can be avoided or mitigated with proper lawn care.  Some of the positive effects of having a green lawn

  1. Prevents soil erosion and stabilizes dust 

  2. Absorbs rainwater and prevents runoff 

  3. Cleans the air by trapping dust

  4. Improves and restores soil 

Some of those positive effects are multiplied by a number of things that most professional lawn care companies such as Platinum Landscape Management, do while cutting your lawn. 

  • We mow the grass with sharp blades and mow higher to prevent burning the grass.

  • Set your irrigation to water deeply not often

  • Choose a grass type suited to climate, shade, and traffic

At Platinum Landscape Management, we do what is best for your lawn and the environment.